This division was founded in the 70's to provide maintenance and repair services of machinery for the agri-food industry. Since then, we have worked in multiple sectors adapting to the technical and safety requirements of each industry.

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Our services:

Corrective or preventive maintenance
Annual or visual revisions
Our technicians are constantly working in our customers facilities, located throughout Spain. They install, assemble, repair and maintain industry facilities.

Their experience that they have acquired throughout these years, in addition to the training provided with forklift drivers, work at a height, mechanics, etc. and with safety measures, make them worthy of the trust of our customers.

We provide the following types of maintenance:

  • Corrective: repairs of machinery with dysfunctions or malfunctions.
  • Preventive: periodic revisions focused on extending the life of the machines and preventing dysfunctions that can cause unexpected and undesired machinery stoppages.
  • Annual overhauls: from 1 to 4 weeks of duration. Replacement of parts that wear out with use, replacement of parts with annual service life, greasing and cleaning services, complete overhaul of machines, sealing, calibration, balancing, etc.
  • Visual overhauls: from 1 to 4 days of duration. Cleaning, greasing, sealing, replacement of defective elements or parts, partial overhauls of machines, etc.