As a passion-driven company, we give technical solutions in all the areas that make up a brewery, from the reception of raw materials to the installation in the sale point.

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Our services:

Handling and treatment of raw materials
Beer transport trucks


We provide the brew master with all the necessary equipment to ensure excellent performance in the utilization of malt and adjuncts during the brewing process.

We design, build and install malt and adjunct sorage solutions. They offer automatic unloading systems and raw material deliveries with throughputs up to 250tm/h (using both mechanical and energy efficient pneumatic conveying).

We also supply round or square metal silos up to 25.000m3 to cover all possible storage needs efficiently. We provide cleaning machines, combis, sluices, scales, mills and other equipment up to 25tm/h.

To keep a dust-free environment and to improve production and safety inside the factory, we have a wide variety of suction systems, from compact equipment for individual machines and laboratories to macro baghouses of 1000m2 of filtering surface. All our equipment meets the highest quality and safety standards. For more information visit our website at Cereal Division.


Since the 90's, we have supplied the brewery sector with specific equipment for transporting and supplying bulk beer to high consumption points of sale with "cellar" type tanks in their facilities.

We currently manufacture mobile equipment for beer loads of up to 20,000 liters, compartmentalized in tanks of different volumes adapted to the liner or CO2 system -according to the customer's preferences-. The equipment has all the necessary auxiliary elements for optimum task efficiency.

Our tanks are manufactured in stainless-steel AISI 316, with an internal isothermal bodywork of sandwich panel, refrigerated by an independent cooler operated by a diesel or electric engine.

The control panel can be adapted to the PLC of the customer's preference. Its touch screen enables the control of tank maneuvers, digital electromagnetic flow meter, data collection through USB port, connection to the factory and/or other vehicles through a data cable and allows the connection of a data printer.


In the microbrewery world, Semace has the necessary knowledge to supply a turnkey configuration that suits the customer's needs best.

With the help of our collaborators, we can design and set up plants from brewpubs to medium-sized factories with a brewing capacity of up to 50Hl, obtaining annual yields of more than 40,000Hl.

In addition, we provide boilers with different finishes (stainless-steel or copper) manufactured in Spain or imported, with various bagasse filtration systems (vat or plates), configurations (2, 3 or 4 vessels) and types of fermentation and storage tanks, in order to achieve the optimum installation for each customer.

From the electrical or automation point of view, we provide semi-automatic or fully automated plants with a monitoring control room. We can also adjust the configuration of the electrical, pneumatic and mechanical elements to the customer's preferences (Siemens, Omron, Schneider, Abb, Festo, Smc, Ifm, E+H...).