The origins of our company lies in this division, created to provide technical solutions for storing, treating and milling cereals and other granulates. We specialize in the agri-food and animal feed sectors.

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Our services:

Handling and treatment of raw materials
Transporting grain and granulates
Cleaning & treatment


Within our product range, we supply storage solutions ranging from small stations for big-bags to very high capacity macro silos.

We build silos with galvanized steel of 450 and 600gr/m², painted carbon steel and all types of stainless-steel, always following the best quality standards to suit our customers' needs.

For large storages, we recommend silos with flat or conical concrete base. We also manufacture silos with metallic hopper, with angles of 45º or 60º, up to 2,700 m³ and stainless-steel silos wherever required by the product.

Depending on the customer's needs, we can implement cooling, heating or insulation to our silos, as well as a wide variety of interior and exterior finishes. The tanks can also be designed for atmospheric pressure, positive or vacuum.

Also, according to the customer’s needs, we can install the following extras, among others:

  • Roof railing.
  • Interior stairs.
  • Resting platforms.
  • Temperature monitoring systems.
  • Sweepers.
  • etc.


Every industry that works with cereals or granulates needs to have conveying systems to move its raw materials and by-products throughout the production process.

We have mechanical conveyors up to 800tm/h, being able to supply the equipment that best suits our customers' needs. We can highlight the following: single and double chain conveyors up to 80 meters long, tubular and U-trough screw conveyors, conveyor belts for all types of materials, bucket elevators up to 50 meters high and drag or cable conveyors that allow greater flexibility.

We also design pneumatic conveying systems with high efficiency and capacity up to 200tm/h. With this system, the material is transported by fluidization inside hermetic ducts. We supply pressure blowers, vacuum pumps, high and low performance fans, rotary valves and choppers, distributors, flow regulators, special filters, decanter cyclones, etc.


We have a wide range of equipment to treat cereal. With it, we obtain a raw material with no impurities ready to be transformed into the desired final product.

In the cereal cleaning and treatment phase, several types of equipment are used depending on the production process for which the installation is intended. Within our scope of supply, we highlight:

  • Pre-cleaning / cleaning machines (up to 150tm/h), which remove unwanted particles depending on their size.
  • De-stoning machines (up to 24tm/h), which remove unwanted particles depending on their density.
  • De-germinating machines (up to 10tm/h), which remove rootlets.
  • Drum magnets, tubular magnets, grills, etc. (up to 38tm/h), which remove ferrous particles.
  • Planchister (up to 85 m2), which separate and classify ground grains and flours according to their size
  • Grain milling machines (up to 10tm/h), with a high capacity to improve the production and classification process of flours and semolina.
  • Sifters (up to 40tm/h), which eliminate impurities in flours or derivatives.


We offer different suction technical solutions. They aim to reduce the levels of pollution and energy use while increasing the safety and efficiency of the installation.

Thanks to our experience, we have improved the design, production and installation of our suction and filtration systems. Our installations are used in all sectors, such as food, textile, chemical, plastic, wood, ceramic and cement, among others.

We currently have a range of products from small suction systems for laboratories to macro-filter installations integrated into the production process.

Our filters have a surface from 20 to 930 m² and are manufactured using the most modern technology, complying with the ATEX 94/9/CE directive. They are assembled with combinable panels made of galvanized or stainless-steel sheets that are folded under pressure to create a completely modular structure.


We supply the best solutions destined to milling, created to obtain maximum efficiency and exceptional results in the production process.

We offer two types of dry mills:

Latest generation cylinder mill, available in 2 and 4 cylinders, with roller lengths from 800 to 1,250mm and diameters of 250 and 300mm. Their main features are:

  • Possibility to change rolls in only 20 minutes.
  • Easily removable accessories.
  • Maximum precision and automatic adjustment of the cylinders.
  • Special software solutions, graphics and touch screens.

We also offer horizontal hammer mills up to 20 tm/h with the following features:

  • High durability and easy replacement of screens and hammers.
  • Design of hammers and screens according to customer needs.
  • Robustness, elements made of ST50 steel.
  • Minimum maintenance.


These systems provide precise control of the dosing and weighing of raw materials, by-products and final products. This is essential to improve the efficiency of any production process.

The dosing of raw materials in the preparation of products must be carried out with maximum precision; a variation of any component or additive can cause an error in the recipe and the subsequent non-conformity of the product. To ensure optimum dosing, we offer the following equipment:

  • Continuous flow weighs for granular and powdery products up to 40tm/h (0,75Kg/m3).
  • Load cells up to 22.5T for storage bins, hoppers or silos.
  • High output bagging machines > 1,500 bags/hour for 25kg and 50kg units.
  • Big bag loaders up to 35 units/hour for 500kg and 1000kg bags.
  • We can also supply palletizers, bag loaders, truck loaders, etc.