Industrial maintenance

Semace can provide an assembly team with vast experience within the industrial facilities maintenance.

Our specialists continually work in our client’s factories, distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula, carrying out installations, assembly, repair and industrial facilities maintenance work.

The training acquired by our technicians both within their area (truck drivers, working at heights, mechanical, etc. …) as in safety measures area, make them worthy of our customer’s trust.

The types of maintenance carried out are:

• Corrective. Repairs of machinery malfunctions and general malfunctions.
• Preventive. Periodic reviews aiming to extend the machine lifecycle and prevent malfunctions that can cause unexpected and unwanted stops of machinery.

Annual review: 1 to 4 weeks. Including replacement of parts which undergo mechanical wear, replacement of annual expected vehicle life parts, lubrication, cleaning, complete overhaul of machinery, sealing, calibration and balancing, etc …

Visual checks: 1 to 4 days. Including cleaning, lubrication, sealing, replacement of defective parts or elements, partial revisions of the machinery, etc …

In all of these, we provide customers detailed reports of what has been carried out in each machine.