Extraction system

Since its origins, Semace has been providing technical solutions within the extraction system field with the aim of drastically reduce the pollution level and power consumption, whilst improving the service and increasing the factory efficiency.
We currently have a range of products ranging from small laboratory systems to round and spot filter facilities integrated within the production process.

Our filters, with a filtration area from 20-930 m, manufactured using the most modern technology in compliance with the ATEX 94/9 / EC directive, are assembled utilizing modular panels of galvanized / stainless steel sheet, are also power folded and offer a modular structure.

Drawing on its experience, Semace has reached an outstanding position in the design, production and installation of extraction and filtration systems. Our facilities are implemented in all sectors, with great use in the food industry, textiles, chemicals, plastic, wood, ceramics, cement, etc.

Grain transportation system

The industries working with cereals, grains,.. need to have a transportation system to move the product both vertically and horizontally throughout the production process. In order to meet the needs,  engineering provides two transportation types: by mechanical or pneumatic conveyors.

Mechanical conveyor transportation up to 800tm/h: granular materials are transported in high quantities through drag conveyors or push-bar conveyors. Semace provides the equipment described below:

· chain conveyors, side augers and belt conveyors
· bucket elevators
· drag conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors transportation up to 200tm/h: granular materials are transported through pipelines by means of a stream of high velocity air. Semace provides the equipment described below.

· pressure conveying: blower, vacuum system
· batching system: hoppers, valves, flow control…
· pressure vessel: special filters or cyclones

Raw materials storage

Within the range of products, Semace offers storage equipment ranging from levers for big bags up to flat-bottom silos up to 25,000 m³.

The silos construction fits our customer needs and can be made of fabric (flexible silo), galvanized steel of 450 and 600g / m² and all kinds of stainless steel always with the best quality standards.

It is worth highlight the flat-bottom or cone-bottom silos made of concrete base for large grain storage, such as silos with metallic hopper 45º or 60º up to 2.700 m³ and stainless steel silos where required by the type of product.

A cooling system may be implemented according to the customer needs, as well as insulation and a wide variety of both interior and exterior finishes. Tanks can be disigned without or with athomspheric or pressure.

Ceiling panels, silo ladders,  resting platforms, temperature monitoring systems, mechanical sweeper, etc. are some of the options to chose.

Grinding system

In order to achieve partical-size distribution, Semace offers two types of dry grinding:

Latest technology roller mills, available in 2 and 4 cylinders with lengths between  800mm and 1.250mm and diameters between 250mm and 300mm, with the following characteristics:

· Ability to change cylinders in only 20 minutes.
· Easily detachable accessories.
· Maximum precision and possibility of automatic adjustment of the cylinders.
· Special software solutions, graphics and touch screens.

New horizontal hammer mills up to 5 tm/h with the following characteristics;

· Long durability and easy replacement of the sieves.
· Possibility of designing the hammers and sieves according to the customer needs.
· Sturdiness with steel made elements ST50.
· Minimum maintenance.

Cleaning & Treatment

Process to which the solid cereal is submitted to obtain pure and clean raw material, adapting it to the transformation phase to achieve the final product.

The process of cleaning and treatment involves a varying number of machinery and equipment, depending on the production process. The equipment that forms part of the cleaning and treatment systems is:

· Pre-cleaning machine (up to 150tm/h):  fine impurities are taken out from the product depending on their size.
· Destoner machine (up to 24tm/h): fine impurities are taken out from the product depending on their density.
· Magnetic separator (up to 38tm/h): removal of ferrous particles
· Degerming mill (up to 10tm/h): removal of rootlet
· Plansifter machine (up to 85 m2): used to segregate and classify the milled grain and flour depending on their size
· Purifier (up to 10tm/h): high capacity to improve the production process and classification of flour and semolina.
· Bolters (up to 40tm/h): removal of impurities from flour and derivates

Weighing system

Within the production process, to a greater or lesser extent, control dosing and weighing of raw materials, by-products or finish product is required.

Within the range of products, Semace offers flow scales for granular material.

The flow control of the product trough the cleaning and treatment process will prevent bottlenecks in the production process whilst will report a quantity control over the treated product allowing to have a control over the possible losses.

Control dosing of raw material over the product manufacturing needs to be carried out with maximum accuracy, since any change in components or additives would cause an error in the formula.

Load cells are used for the control dosing of raw materials, which displays the weigh value.